Instructor – ENGR 27 Computer Vision

Undergraduate Course, Swarthmore College, Engineering Department, 2022

Course Description

Course to introduce students to the fundamentals of digital and embedded systems. Students also learn basic programming skills, and apply those skills to build embedded systems. Embedded topics include the link between hardware and software, analog to digital and digital to analog systems, and an introduction to actuators (LED’s, speakers, servo motors, etc.) and sensors (buttons, accelerometers, microphones, etc.). Primarily taught lectures. Also covered embedded systems in a social context and students gave projects based on it.

Course Details

Number of Students


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Conditionals
  • Introduction to Binary
  • Signed Numbers and Binary Arithmetic
  • Bitwise Manipulation
  • Logic Gates and Karnaugh Maps
  • While Loops
  • Blocking vs Non-blocking
  • For Loops and Arrays
  • Sensors
  • Digital/Analog I/O
  • Creating Custom Functions
  • Timers and Interrupts
  • Finite State Machines
  • 2D Arrays and Finite State Machines
  • Embedded Systems in Context