Instructor – ENGR 28 Mobile Robotics

Undergraduate Course, Swarthmore College, Engineering Department, 2022

Course Description

Sophomore/Junior level project-focused course on fundamentals of robotics, including kinematics, dynamics, path planning, and mapping. Project focused course using ROS and the Turtlebot platform to implement concepts gone over in class.

Course Details

Number of Students


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Mobile Robotics; Math review
  • Robot motion basics; Control strategies
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Kinematics and dynamics
  • Control
  • Optimal control and LQR
  • Navigation
  • Introduction to probabilistic robotics
  • Probability cont’d; Particle filter
  • Real-world localization examples
  • Kalman filter and EKF
  • Mapping and SLAM
  • Special Topics