Instructor – ENGR 71 Digital Signal Processing

Undergraduate Course, Swarthmore College, Engineering Department, 2022

Course Description

Course to introduce difference equations and discrete-time transform theory, the Z-transform and Fourier representation of sequences, and fast Fourier transform algorithms. Discrete time transfer functions and filter design techniques are also introduced. This course introduces the architecture and programming of digital signal processors. Course has projects on Linear Predictive Coding and Octave-Band filtering.

Course Details

Number of Students


Topics Covered

  • Digital vs Analog, Sampling
  • Signal Reconstruction
  • Discrete Time Signals and Systems
  • Introduction to Z-transforms
  • Z-transforms
  • Linear Time Invariant Systems with Z-transforms
  • Inversion of Z-transform
  • Continuous Time Fourier Series
  • Discrete Fourier Series
  • Discrete Time Fourier Transform
  • Frequency Domain Analysis of Linear Time Invariant Systems
  • LTI Systems as Frequency Selective Filters
  • Fast Fourier Transform
  • Design of Digital Filters