Teaching Assitant - CIS 390: Planning and Perception

Undergraduate Course, University of Pennsylvania, CIS Department, 2015

Course Description

Undergraduate course serving as an introduction to robotics for CIS majors (though it has changed quite a bit since I taught it). Besides helping design the projects, homework, and tests, I implemented the auto-grader for the course. The other Teaching Assistants and I also modified Create Robots for the students to implement the algorithms they learned on real robots. We had to implement basic controllers and fiducial tracking systems to abstract the control and perception problems from the students. For the final project, the students had to navigate through a maze using the planning algorithms they had learned.

Course Details

Number of students

20 Students

Topics covered

  • Graph Search, Dijkstra’s algorithm, A*
  • Vornoi Diagrams for polygon obstacle avoidance
  • Bug Planning Algorithms
  • Potential Functions
  • Visibility Graphs and Sweep Line algorithm
  • Bayesian Filtering, Particle Filtering, Kalman Filtering